Phoenix Theatres Mall of Monroe


A new standard in sight, sound and luxury.


A screen so big we had to take the roof off just to fit it in.


Heart-pounding immersive Trinnov Audio Ovation powered with Klipsch speakers.


Highest quality image doubling the resolution of your typical movie screen.


100% luxury reclining seats
Kick Back... Relax... Recline!!!


Follow the process as we create ENCORE,
every step of the way.

Goodbye Food Court. HELLO ENCORE!!!

Say goodbye to the Food Court as we get ready to start the construction to add more auditoriums to Phoenix Theatres Mall of Monroe. The construction process will take place over the next several months.


And So It Begins

Equipped with sledge hammers and hard hats, our construction crew paves the way for the expansion. The only thing that remains of the food court is the lingering smell of tacos and spring rolls.

As demolition is quickly completed the realization is starting to set in...

ENCORE is coming!!!


Behind This Wall, The Next Chapter...

On the other side of this wall the "Next Chapter" of movie-going is being constructed.

Phoenix Theatres is proud to announce its very own Premium Large Format - ENCORE "The Big Picture Experience".

But ENCORE is more than just a 65' screen. It's an overall experience, featuring a Dolby Digital immersive sound system powered by Klipsch speakers, a Christie Digital 4K Projector delivering a clear hi-definition picture and over 200 reclining seats.


Through The Looking Glass

We have installed 3 windows along the construction wall with a clear view of the construction.

So the next time you find yourself walking along the construction wall, stop by one of the windows, take a peek, and admire the process of building Encore.


It's a Dirty Job!!!

These huge mountains of dirt and the big holes in the concrete floor are for new support columns to support the new roof. We were not kidding... "ENCORE" is a screen so big we had to take the roof off to fit it in, "LITERALLY".

Once the support columns are in place we will be raising the roof from 22' to 35'. When completed, it truly will be a sight to behold.


Raise The Roof

A lot of new and exciting thing are presently happening at the mall, and you may have noticed a big crane in the parking lot moving steel beams onto the roof. The proccess of raising the roof is going to first involve building a roof on top of the current one.

View the photo gallery to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the project as a whole, and the amount of work it will take to bring a 65-foot screen to the Mall of Monroe.


End In Sight

With the steel beams in place and the new roof nearing completion, the size of the new ENCORE Auditorium is starting to take shape. Once the old roof is removed, the monumental task of raising the roof will be accomplished.

View the photo gallery to see the new roof and stay tuned for the demolition pictures of the old roof.


The Sky is Falling

If you have been to the Mall of Monroe over the past couple of days, you might have heard the crashing of metal and other miscellaneous debris. This is the sound of the old roof coming down. Once the roof removal is complete, the food court will be a thing of the past and the true size of the new ENCORE Auditorium will finally be revealed.

Check out the photo gallery and view the demolition in all its metal smashing glory.


Ladies and Gentleman...

Since breaking ground on the new ENCORE Auditorium at the Mall of Monroe, most of the progress has only been captured through photographs. This can make it difficult to comprehend the true size of the ENCORE Screen. Well, we took it a step further, we are giving you a two minute video tour of what's happening behind that big wall - hosted by Cory Jacobson.

Simply click the button below and begin your exclusive behind the scenes tour of the renovations taking place right now. Witness first-hand the colossal size of ENCORE.

Play Video

We've been framed

Now that the roof is done, it's time to begin framing. This process will map out the layout for the 2 new theatre auditoriums and the connecting hallway. Once this process is complete we will no longer have to imagine the size of the Encore auditorium; we will see it.

Check out the photo gallery and you can start to visualize how everything is going to take shape.


Behind The Movies...

The construction process is moving right along. The drywall is nearly complete; the auditoriums and hallway have come to fruition. Won't be long now before Monroe has its very own "Premium Large Format Picture" called ENCORE.

Check out the photo gallery for a behind the scenes peek.


Speakers & Frames

A lot of progress has been made behind the construction wall this past week. Two big milestones were accomplished, including the installation of five giant nine-foot-tall Klipsch "Grand" speakers that are housed behind the screen, and the 65 foot screen frame. To put the size into perspective you can see President of Phoenix Theatres, Cory Jacobson, standing next to one of the five Klipsch speakers inside the space that will soon be home to the ENCORE Screen.

Check out pictures of the installation of the screen frame and speakers.


Raising the Curtains

Over the past couple of weeks, we have accomplished the tasks of hanging the curtains, installing the side lighting and hanging the surround sound speakers. We are almost finished hanging the ceiling tiles- just in time to pour the concrete that will produce the slope floor needed to achieve the perfect sight-lines for viewing ENCORE'S 65-foot picture.

View the photo gallery below *Side Note: This is one of the most beautiful photo galleries to date.


We raised the... Floor?

This week in ENCORE News: We finished pouring concrete to raise the floor by as much as 4 feet in the back of the auditorium. This is required for creating the slope flooring necessary to achieve the ideal line of sight for viewing the 65' screen while kicking back in our luxury recliners. We have started carpeting the floor of the auditorium, and once this is finished we will be raising the ENCORE screen.

View the photo gallery below and included is a picture of our 40' screen located in the second auditorium. Around the office we nicknamed this Auditorium Encore Jr.


ENCORE Rises!!!

With all the planning and preparation that has taken place over the past couple months, we are proud to announce that the 65' screen is up. It was a huge undertaking to get to this point.

The finish line is quickly approaching and we have all hands on deck, the projection booth with the Christie 4K Projector is almost complete, and the auditorium carpet is currently being installed. The atmosphere is filled with anticipation as we wait to plug in the luxury seats in the auditorium.

Watch the raising of the ENCORE screen summed up in a short 1 min video.

Play Video

Kick Back... Relax... Recline!!!

The ENCORE screen is 65' wide, which means the ENCORE auditorium has room for over 200 luxury recliners. That's right, the seats that everyone has fallen in love with were installed in the ENCORE auditorium these past few days, because ENCORE wouldn't be complete without 100% fully reclining seats.

We have nearly completed the construction process of ENCORE. It is hard to believe that this use to be the old food court.

View the photo gallery for the latest pictures of ENCORE with the seats.



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