Assistive Moviegoing

Phoenix Theatres is committed to inclusivity and ensuring that every moviegoer can fully enjoy their experience. That's why we've invested in cutting-edge technology to assist those with hearing and vision impairments. Our theatre offers specialized devices designed to enhance and amplify audio, as well as closed captioning options, to ensure that everyone can fully engage with the magic of cinema. Join us for a movie experience that's accessible and enjoyable for all.

CaptiView Closed Captioning Devices

A personal closed captioning device which transmits dialogue to a small easy-to-read personal screen.

Assisted Listening Devices

A personal headset that is designed to assist hearing impaired customers.

People/persons with disabilities

Phoenix Theatres provides wheelchair access for guests who require it. Wheelchair-accessible seating is designated by the wheelchair symbol on the seat map and is available in all auditoriums.

Some wheelchair spaces may still be available even if a show is marked sold out. Ask a member of our staff for more information.