Phoenix Theatres Woodland Mall

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Luxury Seating
100% Heated Reclining Seats

Every seat in every auditorium will be a large love-seat style (with adjustable middle armrest), fully reclining, heated chair with 75 inches of leg room.

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Dolby Atmos
Immerse yourself in the sound

Go beyond the ordinary listening experience by putting the audience inside the movie in a new spatial way, revealing every detail of the audio with unparalleled clarity and depth.

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True 4K Projection
Visually Stunning Picture

The Christie 4K projection delivers the highest quality image and brightness by doubling the resolution of your typical movie screen.

Phoenix Theatres to Relaunch Theatre at Woodland Mall

  • Every seat in every auditorium will be a large love-seat style (with adjustable middle armrest), fully reclining, heated chair with 75 inches of leg room
  • Specially equipped premium format auditoriums featuring Atmos for a premium, immersive, audio experience and 4K Christie® Digital projection
  • All 14 auditoriums equipped with premium Dolby Digital sound and Christie Digital projection
  • Phoenix mobile app and online tickets that allow customers to reserve their seats easily
  • Self-serve Pepsi drink stations for added service speed and convenience
  • Combined ticketing and concession purchases in one line
  • Family-friendly prices
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Dolby Atmos - Explained

Learn how Dolby Atmos has revolutionized audio by free sound from channels create an atmosphere of sound all around you.

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Dolby Atmos - Moving Audio

A visual representation of Dolby Atmos creates a truely immersive enviroment inside the auditorum

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Join our Team
Now Hiring All Positions

Phoenix Theatres Woodland Mall is looking for driven, hardworking and outgoing individuals who communicate well, work well in a dynamic team environment and who are eager to develop a varied set of professional skills. We are looking for individuals who want to grow within the company.

What we offer

  • Competitive Pay Scales
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Fun Work Environment
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Movies
  • eligibility to NATO College Scholarship Programs

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Woodland Mall Construction Progress

Follow the process every step of the way.

Hello Grand Rapids!

We want to provide a total account of the monumental task it will be to update the old Cinemark Woodland Mall location to a brand-new state of the art movie theatre that has not existed in Grand Rapids until now. Here are some picture of how it all began.



Fresh Coat of Paint

Renovations are moving along nicely at the new Phoenix Theatres at Woodland Mall. A fresh coat of paint and updated lighting really rejuvenated the old iconic movie theatre.



Updated Lobby

Hannibal Smith always said “I love it when a plan comes together,” and at Phoenix Theatres, we couldn’t agree more. With the wallpaper installed, the ceiling spray painted and the additional ceiling lighting installed, the Woodland Mall lobby is really starting to look reinvigorated.

Once the carpet is installed, it will really “tie the room together,” as Jeff Bridges’ character The Dude would say.



Dolby Atmos

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of movies coming back to the Woodland Mall. Our brand new Dolby Atmos sign looks amazing, but wait until you get to experience the sound quality while enjoying your favorite new release.



Phoenix Building Sign

If you were looking for a sign that the Woodland Mall renovations are going smoothly, then look no further! It was no small task getting our custom made Phoenix Theatres sign up there, but we are thrilled with how it turned out.



Atmos Speakers / Screen Testing

Part of achieving the Atmos Immersive Sound Experience requires installing speakers in very unique places. Each Atmos auditorium will be outfitted with rows of ceiling speakers, also enjoy a few shots of our Digital Installers calibrating the projector as they get ready for screen installations.



Concession Stand

At the heart of every movie theatre is the movie theatre's auditorium, but we all know the real love of going to the movies comes in the form of freshly popped buttery popcorn. The concession stand is nearing completion.

Check out a few photos of the new Woodland Mall concession stand in the lobby and in the back hallway.



Setting the Stage

One of the biggest tasks in the construction process is modifying all the 14 existing stadium seating auditoriums. We have to extend out all the existing platforms in order to be able to fit the Luxury Reclining Seats. This is a very grueling task and requires mountains of steel to get the job done. Check out a few picture of what a framed out auditorium looks like.



Concession Stand Vol. 2

Bringing a fresh new look to both the lobby concession stand and the back hallway concession stand, these new cabinets and counters preserving the old layout while giving everything a modern feel.



Vertical Sign Make Over

New letters for vertical sign at Phoenix Woodland in Grand Rapids. The refurbished sign should be the centerpiece of the building and one of handful of vertical building marquees in the Midwest.



Auditorium Platforms

With all the metal framing in place to extend out the exisiting landings, the next step is to construct the wooden platforms to support the reclining seats.



Lobby & Auditorium Carpet

Over the past couple days, we have started installing carpet throughout the entire building. From the front entrance to the lobby and inside each auditorium, we are hoping that brand new carpet will give the theatre a luxurious, yet, homey feeling when going to the movies.



Auditorium Screen

The first of 13 brand new screens going up means 2022’s films are guaranteed to look better than ever!



Lobby Sign & Lights

The atmosphere is filled with anticipation as we hang the "Phoenix Theatres" on the wall directly above the concession stand. We have accomplished a lot these past months and all this hard work is paying off.



Bring in the Seats!!!

It has been a huge undertaking made possible by the amazing effort of many talented professionals, and all that hard work is really starting to pay off!
Moving from the lobby to the auditorium all of the platforms have been built, and carpeted. Now we will start to unpack 700+ reclining seats!



Kick Back... Relax... Recline!!!

All of the seats have been unboxed and installed. The pictures don't even do them justice... Well maybe its a really cool picture! Equipped with heating elements, the electric recliners provide more room than your traditional theatre seat. Going to the movies has never been more comfortable.



Grand Opening Celebration!!!

It has been a long road and there is much to celebrate. The amount of effort that everyone put into Woodland Mall to complete it was tremendous. The energy levels and the sincerity which was displayed were exemplary. It really shows in the final result of the theatre. We wanted to raise the bar in movie going and we have achieved it. Thank you for making the project successful, we hope that everyone in the Grand Rapids community calls their new neighborhood theatre!!!